Garage Organization Tips

The primary purpose of your garage is to be a safe place to keep your car. However, it seems that this is no longer the case these days as garages have turned into personal storage spaces and dumping grounds for most families.

garage organization

If your garage is filled with mountains of tools, outdoor gear, and other things in between, it is the best time to reduce clutter, and transform your garage into a cleaner and more manageable space. Here are some garage organization tips to keep this part of your home in its tiptop shape.

Sort Things Out

Majority of the clutter that takes up valuable space in the garage are items which are old, broke, or expired, like household chemicals. It is best to start with a clean slate by removing everything from the garage and putting them in the driveway. Sort the items into specific piles of things to keep, things to throw away, things to donate, and things to recycle. You can donate or recycle items that can still be used like books or outgrown toys, while those broken beyond repair can be discarded.


Group the items you will keep into categories like pool toys, car maintenance, and others. Place them inside stackable clear plastic bins. If you will use cardboard boxes, make sure you label them to easily find specific things when you need them.

Designate Areas

Map out the space in your garage in the same way that you would other rooms in your home. Separate your garage into different zones then put the same items together in every area. For instance, gardening supplies, seasonal items, lawn care, and sports equipment must be grouped together in their respective space.

Use Shelves

Install shelves to get the best out of your vertical space. There are many options for shelving, such as wire shelving units set on wheels or floating shelves. Adjustable shelves can make it easier for you to make room for objects of different sizes as your storage requirements change. Wallboards or pegboards are also a great way to hang tools. Hooks can also keep tools you don’t use often like hammers and screwdrivers within reach. Shelves don’t just make your garage look neater as these can also keep all of your valuables safe from dampness on the floor of your garage.

Look Up

Make the most out of your ceiling. Storage mounted on the ceiling can give you lots of extra space where you can store things that are not often use like coolers, luggage, holiday decorations, and other bulky things.


If you don’t want your items out on open shelves, you can install standing cabinets or built in cabinetry where you will be able to tuck items inside closed doors. You can also hang curtain panels and curtain rods to hide equipment and storage bins.

Keeping your garage neat, clean, and organized is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. What are you waiting for? Start cleaning your garage clutter and enjoy the perks that come with it!