Awesome Garage Flooring Options

The garage flooring options may depend on how it looks, how you want it to use and work, and how much it costs. If you want the most good looking, long lasting, and most durable floor, there are several options you can choose from.

garage flooring

Multi-Coat Resinous System

When it comes to cost, protection, and durability compared to the floor’s duration, one of the finest garage floorings is a professionally done multi-coat resinous system that can be installed in your home. This kind of coating will typically consist of a combination of a hundred percent solids epoxy, polyaspartic coatings or polyurethane. This kind of flooring is considered as the most widely used in the manufacturing plants, showrooms, professional mechanic garages, warehouses, and restaurants. The finish is basically three to ten times stronger than the concrete’s finish depending on which coating combination you choose and majority of manufacturers offer lifetime warranty.

Garage Floor Coatings

They are resistant to the road salts, water resistant, almost stain proof, resistant to chips from the dropped objects, and highly resistant to chemicals. Garage floor coatings are also easy to look great and clean. There are many color options, various aggregate to mix into the floor, and custom paint chip colors. If you have an active garage and demand the best professional flooring to be installed, this might be a good option.

Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

If you want a good looking and tough floor, yet want something that’s easy to install to enjoy savings, interlocking garage floor tiles can be a great choice when it comes to your garage’s best flooring. They’re an excellent choice if you have some issues with your slab. Polypropylene tiles are tough, easy to clean, resistant to stains, and come in different cool colors to custom design a good looking garage floor. Several companies offer warranty of ten years or more on the tiles and they’re easy to install. The usual two-car garage may be completed in a few hours.

One of the best features that makes this kind of flooring unique is its hollow core underside. If you have issues on moisture, this tile will enable air drying underneath, which avoids mildew and mold problems. It makes for great drainage when pulling in wet car from rain or snow and could be a good buffer to cold concrete. Interlocking garage floor tiles may easily span the cracks in the concrete and follow the floor’s contours. Rolling tool boxes, jack stands, and jacks aren’t a problem with this kind of garage flooring option.

Porcelain Garage Tile Floor

If you do not have moisture problems with your garage, you have to consider porcelain tiled garage floor. This kind of flooring is durable, luxurious, and popular for most garage owners. It is resistant to water, road salts, impacts, chemicals, and stains. Drive through porticos, manufacturing plants, and mechanics garages are some of the examples where porcelain tiles are used. However, if there’s a drawback about this garage flooring, it’s that several choices can be slippery when wet and grout can be dirty once not cleaned and sealed properly.